When you sit with a quiet mind, you can hear your soul's voice.  

This is where the journey of self discovery begins and where 

transformative healing occurs.  


It is only when we sit quietly in the corners of our mind do we meet our highest selves.  The first step on this journey begins here...



Rachael Aberle is a natural born healer. With a lifetime of dedication and more than twenty years experience in the wellness "industry", Rachael uses meditation, yoga, block therapy and body work to repair and realign. Her passion is to empower you to take your health into your own hands to improve quality of life and realize your true potential.

Rachael is the first Block Therapist in the Bahamas, and among the first 10 in the world. Her unique Block Therapy retreats boost your immune system and leave you rejuvenated and revitalized. She combines Block Therapy, Yoga and Om Grown Greens fresh, organic produce  to promote healing on a cellular level.

A true wellness warrior at heart, she and her husband have an organic micro greens and sprout farm. She enjoys boating, walking on the beach collecting sea treasures, spending time with family and friends and meeting new people.



Block Therapy is an exercise, meditation and therapy all in one practice. This cutting edge, self healing technique utilizes a block of cedar to exercise and strengthen the diaphragm, increasing the blood oxygen level by up to 600%. The block melts through frozen fascia and creates space for blood flow and energy to the cells, healing the body, mind and spirit. Block Therapy brings the body back into proper alignment and assists in detoxifying the body.With Rachael's healing hands guiding your practice, together you will:

  • reduce stress

  • boost your immune system

  • improve your sleep function

  • release restrictions in fascia

  • ease muscle tension

  • reduce inflammation and joint pain

  • loose weight 



Hurricane Dorian destroyed our farm, but this is what it was!

Add Life To Your Plate! with our delicious, fresh, super-nutritious organic sprouts and microgreens. Enhance Your Well-Being with our suite of Wellness Care Programs. Eat well and live better!

Organic microgreens and sprouts are true "superfoods" -- full of protein, enzymes, essential amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals. They boost the immune system, aid digestion, support healthy liver function and help prevent disease. We use only the highest quality organic, non-GMO seeds and organic growing media -- no chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers are used at all.

Enrich your diet, your health and your life! Contact us today to order your Om Grown Greens and to sign up for any of our Wellness Programs!



"I am amazed at how good I feel overall after just one session!" 
"After just ten minutes on the block I felt a steady release of tension in my lower back, and it's never come back."

I feel like a million bucks after every Block Therapy session!" 

"I was skeptical about Block Therapy at first but the results are undeniable."

"this is true healing." 

"What an experience, thank you so much for your expertise and guidance on the block.  This class is a must!"


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