Block Therapy is an exercise, meditation and therapy all in one practice. This cutting edge, self-healing technique utilizes a block of bamboo to exercise and strengthen the diaphragm, increasing the blood oxygen level by up to 600%. The block melts through frozen fascia and creates space for blood flow and energy to the cells to heal the body, mind and spirit.


Block Therapy brings the body back into proper alignment and assists in detoxifying the body. More benefits of Block Therapy include:

  • reducing stress

  • boosting your immune system

  • improving your sleep function

  • releasing restrictions in fascia

  • easing muscle tension

  • reducing inflammation and joint pain

  • losing weight


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Benefits of the Block for the Body

Experiencing back pain? Looking to improve your health? Learn more about the many benefits of Block Therapy by clicking below.

When you sit with a quiet mind, you can hear your soul's voice.  

This is where the journey of self discovery begins and where 

transformative healing occurs.  


It is only when we sit quietly in the corners of our mind do we meet our highest selves.  The first step on this journey begins here...



Rachael Aberle is a natural born healer. With a lifetime of dedication and more than twenty years of experience in the health and wellness world, Rachael uses meditation, yoga, block therapy and body work to repair and realign. Her passion is to empower you to take your health into your own hands to improve quality of life and realize your true potential.

Rachael is the first Block Therapist in the Caribbean, and among the first 10 in the world. Her unique Block Therapy retreats boost your immune system and leave you rejuvenated and revitalized. She combines Block Therapy, Yoga and fresh, organic produce  to promote healing on a cellular level.

When she's not on the block, Rachael enjoys boating, walking on the beach collecting sea treasures, spending time with loved ones and meeting new people.


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Block Therapy Membership

A breakdown of what is included in the Block Therapy Membership and the options to join. 


Programas para Terapia de Bloque

Block Therapy Programs that have been translated to Spanish. This includes the Starter Package as well as the Block Therapy Instructor program.